What it costs to live in Albuquerque, New Mexico
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      Default What it costs to live in Albuquerque, New Mexico

      Rent: $650.00,

      Utilities: $150.00

      Food: $200.00

      Transportation: $200.00

      Recreation: $200.00

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      Default Albuquerque, New Mexico

      1 bedroom: 600

      gas: 50

      electric: 80

      cable: direct 25 comcast 75

      food: Cheap dozen eggs $1

      health care: Sucks do not go to the hospital unless it is an emergency!

      recreation: Its a good launching place to go to the mountains in the north or to the desert in the south.

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      Default Albuquerque, NM

      about 1000-1400 to rent a 3br 2ba house in average neighborhood
      movie ticket is about $10 per person
      my family of 4 (2 children) costs about $500 mo for food
      a gallon of milk costs about $4
      we pay about $160 mo for gas and electric

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      1 Bdrm Apt: approximately $575-$850 per month, and more, depending on which part of town you reside in.

      Utilities: $90 per month (electric and gas)

      Tranportation: use public transit as much as possible. Gasoline: $25 per month.

      Food: 2 person family: approx-$350 per month (vegetarianism isn't cheap here)

      Drawbacks: most people are NOT compensated for education in this city. The University of New Mexico is the largest employer and their benefits are atrocious-my wife and I pay $330 per month for mediocre health insurance-they offer tuition remission, but this is contingent upon having a supervisor that will allow you to take classes during work time (when most classes are offered) and most supervisors don't alow it. The AF Base is the second largest along with the Labs.
      -Public transit is almost non-existent. I say "non-existen" because most of the time the buses do not show up on time. It takes my wife one hour to travel 5 miles by bus!! It is advisable to have an automobile before moving here.
      -Tenant/Renter's rights are virtually non-existent as well. You have NO RIGHT to quiet enjoyment in New Mexico.
      -The summer time is the worst for noise in Albuquerque! No matter WHERE you live in this city, bass from car stereos will vibrate your brain, even in your home! It also doesn't matter if it's 1am or 7am, no one has any common sense!

      Try to live close to where you work because traffic during rush hour is awful. It takes most folks at least 45 minutes, sitting in a car mind you, to get home.

      Oh yeah...GOOD LUCK living here because you are going to need it!

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