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    We are an international cost of living community.
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      Exploring Sinchon, Seoul, South Korea

      Sinchon in Seoul can be found on the subway ‘Green Line’ between the Ewha Woman’s University and Hong Ik University stops. Sinchon is home to YonSei University, one of the top three universities in Seoul, South Korea (the other two of the “S.K.Y.” Universities being Seoul University ...
      A Penny Pincher's Guide to Living in New York
      A Penny Pincher Grows Up
      by Matthew Stevens

      I am, and have always been, a self-described cheapskate. For me, saving money is not only a lifestyle, but also a genuine source of pleasure. I seek out bargains the same way a birder with a high-powered scope might seek out the black rump ...
      Why Cost of Living isn’t a number but a life.
      Back in 2008, we started developing a way in which to better understand the actual cost of living in any country in the world. There have always been indexes and statistics that offer tidbits of information like the cost of standard goods, average job salaries, scales, and corporate digits. This sort ...
      New Cost of Living Map!
      Utilizing technology from the Google Map API in conjunction with our extensive cost of living data, we bring to you a Cost of Living Map-- a guide for the world. The countries and states within this map are shaded varying degrees of color in order to represent the overall cost of living in that area. ...
      A welcome letter from the Founder of Earth Costs
      Welcome to the new Earth Costs. Our team has been working hard to bring you the first installment of what we call the ‘new cost of living experience’. Our work includes such things as a new Google API built interactive map on the homepage, you’ll also notice the informative article system where ...

    • Cost of living in Brooklyn, New York

      Although it is notoriously expensive to live in NYC, Manhattan especially, I've found that living in Brooklyn provides a balance between (relatively) cheaper living and access to a slew of food, culture, and a variety of activities. However, it must be said that not all of Brooklyn is moderately priced. In fact, some neighborhoods are equally, or MORE, expensive than some neighborhoods in Manhattan.

      Cost of living in Bozeman, Montana

      Cost of living in Bozeman, Montana has turned from the ruts to the runnings. Halts on new building permits and construction have changed to an overwhelming amount of incoming tourists and family transplants alike all searching for their piece of paradise. We are once again growing, literally one of the fastest growing valleys in all of Montana. House prices have raised considerably. What use to cost 250,000 in the slumps of 2009 is now going for around 320,000 or more.

      Cost of living on Auckland, New Zealand

      Rents have skyrocketed in Auckland at present. 2 Bedroom apartments start at $390 per week. If you want a decent family home (one with no mould or leaks) with insulation and in a safe area without gangs or violence look to pay $600 per week plus in Auckland at present. Decent internet: $30 per week (paid monthly in advance). Power for apartment $50 per week. Power for House look to pay $60 per week in summer (winter will run $100 per week depending on heating).

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