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    We are an international cost of living community.
    • Why Cost of Living isn’t a number but a life.

      Back in 2008, we started developing a way in which to better understand the actual cost of living in any country in the world. There have always been indexes and statistics that offer tidbits of information like the cost of standard goods, average job salaries, scales, and corporate digits. This sort of information is good for business, but can be hard to consolidate and analyze for the average Joe.

      Turns out cost of living is a little more complicated than simple statistics imply. Each individual is unique, and has their own standard of living. Some are vegans, preferring to spend their time out in nature and away from the city. Some are carnivores and love eating out and spending nights at the clubs in the heart of downtown. Even though they might both be living in the same city, they are both going to have completely different costs when in comes to daily life. This can also be observed when comparing organic ‘mom and pop’ grocery stores with the major brand stores like Walmart and Safeway-- both might offer the same products, but the prices and quality vary tremendously.

      We value the fact that cost of living is variable and unique, depending on numerous differing circumstances. This is why we encourage our visitors to submit their cost of living information via descriptive explanations, as opposed to an average list of expenses. We have locals in New Zealand who explain that the cost of living is the highest in the world, while other New Zealand locals explain that for the beauty and outdoor life that New Zealand provides, the cost of living is comparatively cheap.

      One of our main goals is to consolidate cost of living information in a way that allows our audience to view and compare it anywhere in the world. While we do believe that cost of living is ever changing, we also believe that some facts will always remain the same. Living beachside in California will likely always be more expensive than living in the countryside. In the same way, living in downtown New York will be more expensive than living in the suburbs of Jersey. We want to bring you the best of both worlds, and are here every step of the way to help you. Our interactive Google map is here to display the overall cost based on several factors including peripheral area costs, local perceptions, and national indexes.
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