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    We are an international cost of living community.
    • New Cost of Living Map!

      Utilizing technology from the Google Map API in conjunction with our extensive cost of living data, we bring to you a Cost of Living Map-- a guide for the world. The countries and states within this map are shaded varying degrees of color in order to represent the overall cost of living in that area. In this way, we seek to better inform our viewers as we extensively analyze data to help bring our International Cost of Living Community a little closer together.

      For example, Montana is shaded a greenish tint-- this means that the overall cost of living will be lower here than compared to the national average, including surrounding states. If you look at California, you will notice the state is more of a orange color-- this symbolizes a higher cost of living in contrast to other areas of the United States.

      As it stands, we are still analyzing data and working to accurately assign shades of color to each state and country respectively. This process incorporates more that just the know-how of our Earthcosts team of researchers, it also integrates the helpful input from our active audience.

      How do we establish whether the cost of living in a certain location is high or low?

      There are numerous factors which go into dictating the cost of living temperament within countries and states we have covered. Our team of researchers uses country statistics and indexes from sources like the CIA World Factbook, UNDP Human Development databases, as well as OECD reports to legitimately gauge cost of living.

      Crowdsourcing from our audience is another important element within this process. With the help of locals from the areas we are evaluating, we can better ascertain the cost of living on a real world level. We have added opportunities in which our International Cost of Living community can share their opinions on cost of living within their region throughout the website (so mozy on over to the banner at the top for a quick way to add your input and help out our community).
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