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    We are an international cost of living community.
    • A welcome letter from the Founder of Earth Costs

      Welcome to the new Earth Costs. Our team has been working hard to bring you the first installment of what we call the ‘new cost of living experience’. Our work includes such things as a new Google API built interactive map on the homepage, you’ll also notice the informative article system where we will be highlighting cost of living data, and helping you to better understand the costs associated with over 200 states/countries in the world. We have updated Earth Costs with the help of Relivo Media to bring you a overall more positive and educational experience then we have ever offered in the past.

      We are still focusing on the same “help yourself, help someone else” mentality. This is our motto, and we believe in it. By taking a quick second to submit your unique cost of living info to Earth Costs, or answering a cost of living question posted on the forum, you are helping thousands of people, and are helping to create the largest free cost of living database in the world.

      We encourage you to write us and tell us what you think of the first phase of our new website, and to give us your advice and opinion on how we can make the website and the community better. Nothing would be possible without the help of visitors like you! Stay tuned for more news on what's to come.

      John Foster
      Founder/Owner of Earth Costs
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