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    We are an international cost of living community.
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      Default Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

      Costs of living in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

      Rent-average house $250 per week.

      Utilities-$40 per week

      Transport-Rego/ Fuel/running costs of own car $50 per week

      Food-$60 per week.

      Pension from government....$280 per week single...$450 per week couple.
      How do pensioners survive ? Go figga...

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      Default Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

      Rent AU$350 per week,

      mobile phone AU$50 per month,

      internet AU$55 per month,

      electricity AU$110 per quarter,

      gas (for hot water) AU$110 per quarter,

      petrol AU$60 per week

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      Default Brisbane

      Rent= AUD$ 110 per week (gas and water bills included) for a private bedroom on a small unit close to the CBD with I share with other 03 people. We are 04 housemates in total.

      Utilities= Internet AUD$ 50 per month.

      Food= AUD$ 300 per month

      Healthcare= AUD$ 29.50 per month - Overseas Student Healthy Cover

      Transportation: With Concession card= AUD$ 72 per month - Monthly Ticket

      Cost of living as a student can be cheap if you eat more at home than out and skip the drinks every weekend.

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      Default Brisbane, Australia

      Rent 245 a week for a 2 bedroom dual occupancy house


      Electricity around 30-50 depending on season. ie if you use air-con in summer.

      Gas around 30 or less depending on what appliances you have.

      Water maybe 20 a month

      Transport $60 for a tank of petrol. New car mid size about 35,000

      Dozen eggs $3

      Public Healthcare is deducted from your pay each month and varies with your income. 50,000 a year would see you pay about 800 a year.

      Recreation cinema ticket full price is 14

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      Default Brisbane city, Australia

      Rent $340 week 3 bedroom house i share with my partner.

      Electricity a month $200

      Food $150 week.

      Recreation $ 200 week

      Transportation $50 week

      Partner and I go halfs in everything.

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      Default Brisbane, Australia

      Rent- $150 p/w small 1bm flat on older house, own bathroom, kitchen and laundry, food $70 p/w, utilities $50p/w- but only dial up internet and no air conditioning.

      recreation $100 p/w if i want to go to a reasonable price restaurant, see a movie and buy takeaway only once a week. I survive on total $400-$500 p/w but this is pretty basic living with little transport costs (I walk or catch a bus- do not own a car) and cooking most of my own meals.

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      Default Brisbane, Australia

      Rent: AUD$ 360 per week (Furnished 3 bedroom individual house)

      Food: AUD$ 150 per week

      Electricity, Internet, Water and Gas bill,Phone, etc.....: AUD$ 250 per month

      The above will be shared by 3 persons

      Transportation : AUD$ 50 per week

      Entertainment (Movies, Longrides, etc) : AUD$ 100 per month

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      Default Brisbane, Australia

      Rent $400 per week, 3 bedroom apartment, with spacious kitchen and living areas. x2 bathrooms.

      Utilities: $30 per month for phone, $200 per quarter for electricity/gas

      Food: $100 to $150 per week for groceries (for x2 people)

      Public transport: $25 per week for 1 adult to and from work.

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      Default Brisbane, Australia

      For young person/university student who works part time brisbane is alot more cheaper to live in than say sydney or melbourne. Based on an avergage wage per week (part time) starting at $450-500 plus double/triple shared costs:

      Rent: For a modest 2 bedroom apartment= $350-$450 AUD per week (student shared accommmodation)

      Utilities: phone, water, gas, net connection (total)= $250 per month

      Transport: 50 AUD for public transport but taxis/cabs can be alot more expensive- $20-30 per 1/2 hour ride

      Recreation: $300 per month including dining out, clothing, movie tickets=$10-12 dining and linching can often cost $50 at a usual cafe

      Eggs: $3-5 organic is more expensive

      Milk: bread and milk the same $2-4 organic more expensive

      Grocery shopping/food: $150 per week for a small family (3 people) but depends on type/quality/quantity of food - markets often cheaper but may be more expensive (the organic factor again)

      Plus extra expenses for fuel $150-200 per month (road trips add more), presents, clothing, makeup, paying for friends/dates, music, festivals, concerts!!!

      but alas brisbane is a good starting point for first time city dwellers, international students or workers!

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