I live in my own house. It is a 1920's miners cabin on about 1/2 acre of land, in an established old neighborhood about 1 mile from the historic part of town. If I were to rent it, it would cost me about 600 a month. It has two large bedrooms, a bath a large living room, kitchen and dining room. It also has a large deck. The heating in the winter is from a wood stove which costs me about 250 for the season, in wood. The cooling in the summer is a swamp cooler that adds about 30 dollars to the electric bill, which is about 60. Gas runs about 40 and the garbage fee is 18. I have fruit trees and a vegetable garden so I get some of the food for free. The rest is typical Safeway and Farmers Market prices. It is a fabulous farmers market.

Recreation ranges from hiking (free), gallery hoping on Saturday nights once a month with food and wine included (free), to classical music concerts on many weekends 10 dollar tickets, all sorts of live music in local bars or street events (cheap), to dining out at one of the excellent restaurants, cheaper than the big city restaurants.

There are also many special events. Also a baseball field with games during the season. A pool league is active and there are some activities at the Senior Center. I have to drive to the next town, about 21 miles, to go to the Cineplex for movies.

Health care ranges from a very good free to sliding scale clinic to standard medical fees. There is a good hospital. Most people here go across the border to Mexico for dental work and the eye doctor. Very, very cheap.