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    We are an international cost of living community.

    About Earth Costs

    Welcome to Earth Costs, an international cost of living community, ready to meet and serve the needs of our viewers. Our mission is to build the most extensive and accurate cost of living database in the world, while creating a new social media platform wherein users can share their unique life costs and experiences by submitting descriptive explanations of their local cost knowledge.

    It is the community aspect of Earth Costs that we value highest. Through every descriptive explanation of daily costs, to images of products and their current market price within a region, an increasing margin of users can learn, through comparative analyses, where their cost of living matches up within our global citizenry. Earth Costs will change the way people view cost of living as well as their own personal finances.

    Our Earth Costs team is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana; land of grizzly bears, big horn sheep, some of America’s best skiing, and home to many startups like Right Now Technology and Zoot Enterprises. Since 2008, we have been developing a way in which to better understand the actual cost of living in any country in the world. With business advocates spread from Seattle to New York City, Earth Costs is a company on the move.

    Rest assured, Earth Costs will continually adapt and evolve to meet the progressive needs of our audience. This is an open market for a new social media platform, and not only will there be a savvy front-end community, but the information shared will fuel one of the largest international cost of living databases ever created.
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